Diana Jackson now lives in Fife where she and her husband have become deeply committed to community life in Kinghorn. They are both involved in the project to open a community library, since the local authority library closed at the end of February. Diana also ‘relaxes’ with the ‘Kinghorn in Bloom’ crowd, ever improving the beautiful areas of Kinghorn and Pettycur. Her soon to be released, ‘Healing Paths of Fife’ tells her story in the form of an allegory, a walk along the beautiful coastal path.

Until winter 2015 they lived in the heart of Bedfordshire, UK, where Diana was a teacher of English and Business Studies. Having been made redundant Diana, decided to launch a writers’ cooperative publishing company and through this she is still in touch with many authors back in Bedfordshire.

Diana took eighteen months off to settle into her new life in Scotland, but now she has taken up the mantle once more, both in writing and publishing.

Diana’s initial inspiration to write a novel was her great grandmother, an Alderney girl, leading to the conception of the ‘Riduna Series’. Having said this  she stresses that her novels are purely fiction. She takes the reader from the mid Victorian era through to 1920 and plans a third in the series to the mid thirties.

Her other projects include compiling a memoir and writing a murder mystery, ‘Murder, Now and Then’ which was inspired by a true story ~ an unsolved murder in Bedfordshire in 1919.

What links Diana Jackson’s projects? ~ Her fascination for social history, her love of research and using her imagination to create believable characters living in the period she is studying.

To find out about the ‘Riduna Series’ and Diana Jackson’s other writing projects, you can meet her in person at her various book signing events and talks, or say hello virtually on

Twitter (search for Riduna) or on her

Facebook page www.dianajacksonauthor@facebook.com

Or e mail her at diana@dianamaryjackson.co.uk